2019 Cannabis Business Tax Checklist

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Our guide will help you as you begin to prepare your 2019 cannabis taxes.

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Gathering the below information will put you on the path to filing your cannabis taxes successfully.

Miscellaneous Documents & Information (if applicable)

☑ Tax Returns for prior 2 years

☑ Copies of sales, excise, & local tax returns

☑ Cash handling log

☑ Monthly bank statements

☑ Articles of Incorporation

☑ IRS issued EIN

☑ Sellers permit number

☑ Balance sheet

Profit and loss statement

List of business owners & % ownership

Social security numbers of each owner

Building information – lease & tenant improvement

List of new assets purchased + receipts

QuickBooks login info

POS login info

Inventory tracking software login info

Loan/funding documents


Gross receipts – THC vs. Non-THC

Returns and allowances

Business checking/savings account interest (1099-INT)

Other income

Cost of Goods Sold

THC Purchases

Non-THC purchases



Bank charges & finance fees


Contract labor (1099-MISC and 1096)

Computer & Internet

Health insurance

Other insurances

Interest expense (mortgage + business loan)

Meals & Entertainment

Office supplies

Rent (Building, business vehicles, equipment)


Repairs & maintenance
Misc. Supplies

Taxes paid

Licensing fees

Transportation & travel

Wages paid to employees (W-2 & W-3)

Payroll tax returns

Employee benefits

Other expenses

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